Sunday, April 15, 2012

So It Begins.......

I  left 5:30 AM this past Tuesday with only what I could fit in my van and started driving East on I-40. I drove 2,400 miles and arrived here in Lynn, Massachusetts at about 7 pm on Thursday.. The trip was not too bad and I was able to put aside my fears of driving on large bridges, turnpikes and freeways. Driving in NYC and the Bronx was a challenge but I did it. I did not even get lost once! There was one time when I could not get over the the right lane when traffic was crazy and I missed my exit but the GPS fixed that for me and got me back on the right road. I'll tell ya, that GPS was a huge help. Once I got into Lynn and I was just a few minutes from the apartment.....I kept going the wrong way and could not get there! Finally Peter just had to meet me in front of a little strip mall and I followed him back. When we got there he cooked me appetizer of fresh sea scallops (so yummy!) and then salad, chicken and rice. He is a good cook and it all tasted great but unfortunately I could not eat too much. I was too nervous and it all just felt really strange.

We are in the type of neighborhood where the neighbors all talk to each other over the back fences. That is very different than what I am used to. As I was cooking dinner last night I hear this guy calling......Barb....Barb. I had the kitchen window open and the guy upstairs was calling me through the window. He was barbecuing in the back yard and wanted me to tell Peter that he could  use the grill anytime he wanted. Hmmmm......strange huh? But a nice thought.

Now about Peter.....what can I say? I love him. He is just as nice as I knew he would be. I made the right decision in coming here. I know people think it is crazy to drive across the country and move in with a man I had not seen in over 30 years. We talked for almost four months and that was enough time to get to know what type of a person he was. Sometimes you just have to go where your heart leads you. And I am so glad I did not let fear get in my way and I went for what I wanted.

My family does not agree with what I did. There is so much drama right now and while I won't go into details about it on here. It does not have to be this way. They should just be happy that I am happy and realize that all I want is for them to be happy too. I have enough room in my heart for Peter and all my kids and grandkids. So that is it. And I am loving my new life.


  1. I'm glad your trip went well and you have finally arrived--and things have gone well with you and Peter. Best to you both! :)

    BTW--how is kitty taking to all this?

  2. My family were the same way when I flew to Canada to live with Kelly. They got over it, and yours will too.

    Good luck in your new life! *Hugs*

  3. I'm glad you are there safely - and that you sound so happy!

    You've done something many, many people wouldn't do... and that is take action to do something to find happiness. I find your courage admirable.