Monday, June 4, 2012

I was laying in bed this morning with all these thoughts going through my head. What I was contemplating was a conversation I had with someone about *bettering oneself* in life. This person's opinion was that you could accomplish that by reading a history book, a science book....or a math book. Be warned.....this may be long. I can understand using science books and math books as a tool for learning.
History books (or documentaries, or movies about history) are great. But....they are only a story. They are a story about an event that happened in the past and this is the viewpoint of the person who wrote it. Yes they are based on facts. You can take one event in history and read a thousand different versions of what happened and every one will be different. While I love watching historical programs on TV.....I always keep in mind that this is just one person's opinion. Don't take offense here but I see the Bible the same way. It may be the words of God, but it is written by man. Man likes to embellish and exaggerate. What a person writes is influenced by their thoughts. I get three things from the Bible. 1. Love Everyone. 2. Help Others. 3. Remember Who You Truly Are. The first two are self explanatory. The me this means to remember where you came from and that you are a spark of the Divine...the Creator...God...Goddess...The Source...or whatever you choose to call it. You were created in perfection.  You are simply here to remember that. There is no separation. Forget race, forget religion or other things that divide people. We all come from the same place and that is where we are going back to. That is all that I need from the Bible. :)

Ok I got off track a bit but those were things I needed to say. How can you become a better person? Is it from memorizing facts of history, math or science? Is it from getting a better job and climbing up that ladder to success? Is it from acquiring more material possessions? Winning the lottery? Think about it. How does that make someone better? What does the word better even mean? One of the meanings is to be morally superior. Since we all come from the same place and we can't take anything physical with us.....this makes no me at least. The only thing we can take with us is who we are inside.

Compassion. Now that is a word that has great meaning to me. If we have learned that in this lifetime, we have done what we came here to do. I don't care what the dictionary says it means....I feel that it means to have a heartfelt love for humanity. All of humanity....all people, all races....the rich, the poor... everyone.  Those who are mislead and misdirected need that compassion the most of all. The experience in my life where I learned this was when I worked in an assisted living home. The residents there at the end of their journey and yet they still had this desire to live life. Even when they were at the point where they could do nothing for themselves.....they had their dignity. I loved to listen to their stories about their lives and little did they realize.....they taught me so much more than they could ever realize. Years later I still think about these wonderful people and how much they changed my life.

I have so much more that I could write but this is getting too long already. The point of all this is this....One can only become a better person by changing who they are inside. No...even that is wrong. I should say they can become a better person by remembering who they are. They have always been that person. Incarnating in this life often makes us forget. We go down the wrong path for awhile, we are influenced by outside sources and it is all a learning experience. Eventually....we awaken to the truth. So dear compassionate. Love life. Be kind. Remember who you are.
Have a peaceful day.
Love and Light,


  1. I like that...remembering who you are.
    You get no argument from me. ;)

  2. I love what you wrote about compassion..isn't amazing how our lives can change when we just take the time to stop and listen :)