Friday, July 6, 2012

I don't feel like posting too least not posts that make me want to think if that makes any sense.  I want to thank y'all for the support I am getting here, it means more than I can ever say!!  At first I asked myself why I did such a thing....when there was such a great chance that it would not work out. Well, it did not but there was also the chance that it would. Of course that is what I wanted, I really did. I was angry at him for awhile. Then I realized that neither of us are at fault and that we are just not meant to be together. This whole thing also made me realize how much family means to me and friends as well. So again, thank you so much!!


  1. ...♥...
    always a thought away

  2. Exactly; it's better to take the chance and deal with things afterwards if they don't work out than to spend your life wondering what might have been!