Sunday, August 26, 2012

Material things mean nothing....except for the value that we give them. They are merely props in this script called LIFE that we ourselves write. We are the ones who create our lives so who are we to complain about it? We are here to learn compassion and love because really....what else is there?

Every day is a challenge. Last night at work I was having a difficult time because they stuck me in customer service...which I was training for but I'd actually had very little training. I was there for about a half hour by myself. The lines got very long with only two cashiers, the phone was ringing off the hook, a man was yelling at me and everything else that could go wrong....did go wrong.

After it was over I was back on my register. I looked over at the young girl on the register beside me. She is in her early 20's. She walks with a very bad limp. She told me once that she has a difficult time standing for any period of time. She showed me her elbow last night. It was all scraped up and bruised and she said she had fallen. She told me to feel her arm and I could feel that it was clicking when she bent it. It was most likely dislocated. Yet she was still there and worked through the night. It made me realize that my problems were very insignificant in the whole scheme of things. Thank you Angelica for this reminder.

Back to material things. That is what my job is all about. Or maybe it isn't. Maybe it is just a test of my patience to see through all the anger and chaos and see the real person inside. The person that came from the same Divine Presence that I did, the one we all came from. After all.....there is nothing that divides us except what we create in our own minds.
Love and Peace, Barb


  1. You are learning so much...good job. We can learn so much from others as well.

  2. One meditation I learned about lately, that I have been using a lot: Go back to this simple statement: I exist.

    That's it.

    I exist.

    Other thoughts come and go. Some thoughts try to linger. I just go back to the simple statement: I exist. I am here.

  3. Just remind yourself when somebody is yelling at can't blame a two-year-old for having a temper tantrum. There are a lot of young souls here right now. ;) And remember Angelica. It's always wise to put things in perspective and see a larger picture. You are learning so much at this job!! :):)