Friday, August 17, 2007

Very Hot!

Heat Wave! It's been unbelievably hot here, probably the hottest it's been since I've moved here. Just opening the front door feels like stepping into a sauna. The humidity makes it so much worse. I'll be so glad when the cooler weather arrives.

My son will be home next week from visiting his Dad in New Mexico for the summer. I'll be happy when he is back and the house is full of kids again. It's much too quiet here. He'll get back the day before school starts. Alex has most of the things he needs for school thanks to his Dad and sister. I just need to buy him some pants and shorts which I will buy him once he comes home. He needed a ton of supplies for school! I got him everything on the list but still he will need things for individual classes. The start of school always feels like a new start for the year....or a new beginning.

Plans for today....figure out how to add pages to link to this blog and add some photos. Go grocery shopping. Exercise.

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