Friday, August 31, 2007

Computer Problems

Well I had problems with this Blog this morning. It wouldn't even let me put in my Google name and my password so I had to get them to send an email to my secondary account to reset the password. Well that's the Internet for ya. Also had some weird problems when I first tried to get online on Internet Explorer. First of all all my favorites where alphabetically arranged. ????? Weird. Then it wouldn't even let me go to anyplace on the web till I restarted the computer. This computer is not so great even though I've only had it less than a year.
Speaking of computer stuff why is it that kids are so much better on here than adults? I had to get my 11 yr. old son to put a new background on my MySpace page that I was starting. He also put a song on there and today he's going to put on some graphics. Well he has been on the computer since he was 2 yrs old playing those kiddie games so I can see why he's good at it.

I'm still working on getting the whole house organized. I made another trip to the dump yesterday and got rid of some more stuff. I just love having a nice, clean, clutter free house. It makes it a more comfortable place to be in. After I finish getting it all organized, I'm going to work on getting some of my unfinished craft projects done. Jeeze, I have some that I started years ago! I'll get them done eventually.

School's going pretty good for Alex and It seems like he is adjusting well to going to middle school. I read on the school website a post by his History teacher that they are going to be studying Ancient History. I love reading about stuff like that and hope he enjoys it too.
Well that's it for now. Back to work.

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