Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Gang

My son has three friends....Chris, Aaron and Anthony who feel like part of the family. They are really great friends. In the three years we have been here, I have not yet seen one argument between them. I find that to be unusual especially considering Aaron and Anthony are brothers. Boys don't normally want their younger siblings hanging out with them but this is not the case here. I have to say I love it when they all spend the weekend for a couple of reasons. First they are very well behaved and don't cause a bit of trouble. Second, they keep my son from saying to me....Mommmmm....I'm bored. All I have to do to keep them happy is keep them fed. I did sorta bribe them to let me take a bunch of pictures by reminding them I was going to the store to buy snacks. ;) Sometimes it feels odd to have all these boys in my house since all my older kids are girls and I used to have a housefull of girls. It's fun though and I love having all these kids over. :)

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