Monday, August 27, 2007

What's going on here?

Last night I started going thru everything in the bedroom. I can't stand clutter! I'm working on going thru every area of the room and making it more organized. I have a lot of craft stuff and if I don't keep it where it belongs, it gets out of hand. I should have it all finished today.

Alex missed the bus today. We have had major problems with the bus. The first day it did not come at all in the morning and it didn't arrive back home until 5:15! I ended up driving him and two friends to school the first day. The next day was not much better. Today he stood out there for a half hour and no bus. I had to drive him again. He went to school with a stomachache. I'm pretty sure it's due to him being tired as he is not used to the time difference here yet and he has trouble falling asleep at night. I'm also thinking it may have something to do with going to a new school but he'll get used to it. It's a big change going into middle school from elementary school.

I've been working on making some new pages to add to this blog. Google has some really easy webpages available and lots of choices in various colors and designs. I've been having fun working on them.

Plans for a little more yard work, laundry, exercise, finish the bedroom and work on my webpages.
God Bless

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