Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Does This Look Like a Zoo???

It started out with one dog. Some neighbors that moved out left their dog behind. She looked to be part boxer. Supposedly some other neighbors took her in. Well, my son and his friends decided she was hungry and had to feed her. Big mistake! She started hanging out here. Then another little *mutt* type dog decided to join her so we have two dogs hanging around. Yesterday a terrier looking dog joined them! The boxer dog....she goes under my car and yesterday my son and I were going out and she would not get out even when I started my car. I finally got her out and chased her off. Later on all three dogs were back again. I think they were eating the cat food I put out for the stray cat. We fixed that and now the cat eats up on the railing. Last night they were back and Russell chased them off. I hope they don't come back because I don't want to have to call animal control because I've heard such bad stories about them. We have decided to have a no pet home....not that we don't like them but we've both had so many in the past we like it the way it is now.
Plans for today: Laundry, start organizing Alex's bedroom and going thru too small clothes, giving the kitchen a good cleaning.
Funny story: My daughter Kayla's baby got some new tennis shoes. She is a year old and has never worn shoes before. When she put them on her, she sat and cried for a long time. She would not get up and walk. So Kayla put her favorite snack on a plate across the room. The baby army crawled across the floor, whining the whole time. I thought this was so funny and so did Alex. I would have loved to see it.

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