Monday, September 17, 2007


I often think back on my life.....all the mistakes I have made, all the things I would have done differently if I could do it over, or things that I would not have done at all and then I remember.....My past has made me who I am today. I have learned from those mistakes, those lessons of life and hopefully today I am a better person for it. I do not believe in coincidence, fate or chance. I believe that everything happens for a reason, just as it is meant to. Here is a little story that could be considered fate: When I first moved to SC with my son, I signed him up for school (3rd grade) and left him there. He had never gone to school before since we previously homeschooled so it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Leaving him there at that school where he had never been before and he knew nobody was like leaving a piece of my heart there. When he came home on the bus that day he had something interesting to tell me. There was a boy in his class from the city we just moved from Rio Rancho NM , who was on my son's baseball team also just a few weeks before. What are the chances of this happening? Two boys who both lived in the same city in NM, on the same team, both moving to York, SC (small city of under 9,000) and being in the same class? To me there was no chance. It was just part of God's perfect plan so both boys would have someone familiar in their class after they had moved so far away from all their friends. My son went on to make lots of other friends and never did become best friends with this boy .....but somehow I know it was a comfort to have the other there and there was that sense of familiarity.

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