Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Morning

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So, it's finally the weekend. I got up early and made pasta salad and made 4 dozen oatmeal cookies. I'm giving the kitchen a good cleaning and doing my laundry so I won't have to do it later on. Right now I'm taking a break from cleaning off the kitchen counters and everything on them. Only Chris slept over last night and right now they (Chris and my son Alex) are alternating between playing Runescape, the playstation and some new penguin game that Alex found online. They keep busy and out of trouble. I am so lucky to have such a well behaved son. Next weekend Alex is going to invite Aaron and his brother Anthony over so that will be 4 boys here. I'll have to make more cookies to keep them happy. I don't mind doing it at all. I've got to go to the library soon to pick up my books that are on hold. I love the way they have the inter-library loan system where I can just go online at home and pick books from any library in the system and pick them up in York. This is a good thing because the library here seems to have a shortage of books. Anyhow I read a lot and I'm always trying to learn new things. I like studying about different religions, read mystery books by Carol Higgens Clark, craft type books and many more.
Thoughts for today: I need to have a more positive attitude and keep negative situations and people out of my life. Being a more positive person will invite into my life the same in return. As Ghandi says...Be the change that you wish to see in the world. To me that means we can't change the whole world but we can change ourselves and that will reflect onto others. Have a Blessed Day.

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