Thursday, September 13, 2007

Menu Planning

Mom what's for dinner? That question can be nerve wracking when 5 pm rolls around and I have no idea what I'm even going to cook especially when I've been hearing it for over 25 years.Some time back I used to plan out my meals and do a couple of weeks worth or even a months worth. I would go to a site called and print out menu planners that I could fill in with my own meals. I just finished planning out 20 meals to last for the rest of the month and a few days into October as well as a grocery list to go with it and a few new recipes to try that I found online. It is such a money saver as I won't be running to the store every other day or so. I go in there to just pick up a few things. Well you know how that is. I see things that I *think* I need and end up spending too much money. I'll probably post my menus on the left side of my Blog under Favorites. I figure when I get enough of them I won't even have to try to come up with new ones, I'll just rotate them. Aside from trying out a new one occasionaly that is. Gotta try new things so the boys don't get bored. I think they'd be happy to eat pork chops and steak every night but who can afford steak? I buy it only rarely as I'm really picky about steak and I normally buy porterhouse when it's on sale.

Today is the day for catching up on the laundry, it's just neverending. Also cleaning out the fridge since I'm grocery shopping first thing tomorrow morning. Ok now I've got my menus up and all I have to do is change some of them to links to the recipes.

Edited post: I ended up going shopping today and think I did really well at Aldi. I bought enough for my 20 preplanned meals (except for a few things they did not have and I have to pick up) and I only spent $121. I do have some of the ingredients on hand already so that helped. Anyhow I love Aldi and I'm also going to check out Trader Joes that just moved to Charlotte since they are owned by Aldi. I've heard good things about them.
Above is a picture I added on of the 10 bags plus that I got at Aldi.

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