Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Thoughts for today....

are about dysfunctional people, dysfunctional families. When we have people like this in our lives we have to be careful to not let ourselves become too wrapped up in their destructive behavior. We have to be careful not to let them drag us down as they do to themselves. Hard as it may be sometimes the best thing to do is to take a step back and not get involved. They may say hurtful things to us but we have to remember why they are doing it. When other people say bad things, bully others etc...it means that is the way they feel about themselves. They are projecting their hurt and anger onto another person because they don't know any other way to handle it.
We have a situation like this in our lives and we choose to not let it tear us apart...instead it makes us much stronger. Together we can do anything. We can't change these people, we can only change ourselves or the way we react to them. We can pray for them and surround them in the white light of the holy spirit.
Peace and Love to You All.

Updates for today: I added on a Horoscope page and will be adding more onto that and I added on some more recipes. :)

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