Sunday, September 2, 2007

Who Am I????

Sometimes I think to it possible for somebody to really know another person? To know who this person is on the inside and not judge them on their outside appearances? The body is merely a vehicle for the soul. I like the way author Wayne Dyer puts it....We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Another neat quote that I heard recently came from the Roseanne show...who would have thought that I'd ever hear anything so thought provoking on a comedy show but she said....We are not bodies with souls, we are souls with bodies. What both those quotes mean to me are this....Our soul is endless and never dies. We are here to experience life and to gain knowledge which will hopefully make us a better person. What we choose to do with the lessons we learn on this place called earth....well it's up to us. We can ignore them and make the same mistakes all over again or we can use them to advance spiritually and become all that much closer to God.
We all judge people. We are only human. We often lose sight of who we really are, we stray off that path and let ourselves get wrapped up in this materialistic world of....I've gotta have this to be happy....when I do that I'll be happy, when I get a better job I'll be happy etc. If you are not happy within, no matter what you gain in your life, whatever you acquire you will not be happy. Because that is not what life is about. Just remember who you truly are.

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