Sunday, September 9, 2007

This Blog is acting wacky today. When I went to try to put on a new post, at first it took me to a completly different page. A page to create a post but with no options such as choosing the font etc. Oh seems to be back to normal now. I did find a new Blog for Dummies section which is something I can use. ;)
It's been a quiet weekend. My son only has one friend over. They've been outside playing a lot
despite the heat. Yesterday when I was buying some groceries at Bi-Lo I ran into a couple who worked at Walmart (aka Hellmart) with me. She said things were getting really bad at that store, they have a new manager who is very young and does not know what they are doing but that is no surprise at all. They never did replace me when I left in the dept. that I worked in. Nothing that goes on in that place surprises me at all. They don't care about sexual harrassment (which happened to me), they don't care about their employees at all. Walmart is everything that I am against. They come into a town or city and push all the small businesses out. They have slave labor in China, they are anti-family and they pay low wages. They sell a lot of inferior products (not all, but many) and people are going to shop there still because it's affordable. The way I see it is of the biggest problems they have is management. They do not keep store managers there for a long period of time. They move way too frequently. The associates get used to the way one manager runs thing but before they know it, someone else comes in to replace them. Why does management change so frequently? I honestly don't know but I think it's because they are not really happy working there and they think by going to another store, they can find something better. If only it were that simple. I don't think that the Walmart of today is what Sam Walton had in mind and I think he would be very disappointed in the way things have turned out. But that's life. Walmart is just another multi-million dollar cooporation that does not care.

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