Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Different World

I've been to many states in the US even if only driving thru and the craziest, yet the most awesome of them all was California. We went to San Fransisco, San Jose, Anaheim and Hollywood. Yeah we did the Disney thing but in my opinion it's overrated. There was so much more to see aside from that. In San Fransisco we drove up the steep rolling hills, walked on the wharfs, and watched the mimes on the sidewalks. The seafood there is delicious. It was really neat to walk on the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, and stand in front of the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre and see the footprints and handprints of Marilyn Monroe as well as other famous stars. I just loved the energy and the feel of the atmosphere in CA. Seeing the Naked Cowboy was quite interesting. Wearing nothing but a cowboy hat over his long blonde hair and a pair of white fruit of the looms (haha!) on his tan body and oh yeah....his cowboy boots.. playing his guitar and singing....well I've never seen anything like it. Someone gave us tickets to go to a talk show and we went, it was the Wayne Brady show that is not on anymore but it was a learning experience. They tell you when to clap, when to was just neat seeing how they filmed a tv talk show. We took the boat to Alcatraz and that was a very eerie experience. Walking thru those cell blocks it felt as if the souls of those men still wandered the prison. We went to some of those Guiness museums and other stores that escape my mind now. Oh yeah can't forget when we saw Elvis himself walking down Hollywood Boulevard. Ok not the real Elvis but he looked better than the real one in his white jumpsuit. The best part of the whole trip was something so simple that I did myself. In Campbell I went to a service at the church that was founded by Sylvia Browne, Novus Spiritus. It felt so peaceful being in the presence of so many like minded people. I sound like a travel agent here but anyhow if I had a chance to go there again I would definitely go.

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