Monday, October 8, 2007

This and That

I guess we are having an Indian Summer. It's going to be in the low 90's today and tommorow. And then back down to normal 70's by Friday. We still have the air conditioner here on regularly. It seems like every year the weather changes so fast that we go straight from the air conditioner to putting the heat on instead of being able to keep both off.

I thought today was picture day at my son's school. I got him the clothes I wanted to wear and then remembered that tomorrow is the 9th! . So I had him change and he was happy to put on shorts. Jeeze....sometimes I wonder where I left my brain.

Russell is home sick today. He first got sick over a week ago with a bad cold and chest congestion. Then he finally started getting better and he came down sick again but this time something else. Some kind of a stomach bug and a really bad headache. He thinks he got it after driving in a truck that one of his drivers drove in cause it turns out that driver had the exact same thing. I have to are worse than kids when they are sick and I'll leave it at that. ;)

I had 5 boys counting my son over here this weekend. They just don't seem to want to go away....haha! But I like knowing where my son is. They are either down the road bouncing on the neighbor's trampoline, playing basketball or in here playing Runescape or the playstation online. They keep busy and out of trouble.

I was planning on trying to make some home-made bread today but not in this heat....or with a sick boy...I mean home. Anyhow I've got a ton of laundry to do cause I don't usually do it on weekends. And I need to do some more picture scanning also. I've probably got a couple hundred or so scanned but that don't make a dent in the pictures I do have.

Well that's about it for now. Have a blessed day.

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