Thursday, October 4, 2007

Shattered Dreams (My Poetry)

My Firstborn

Shattered Dreams

Nine long months of waiting
Excitement and fear
Finally the day has come
A little baby girl
Snuggled in my arms
Soft and sweet
Pink ruffles and lace
Perfection of life
In a tiny bundle
Life is a blur, going to fast
Changing diapers
Midnight feedings
Morning cuddles
I can't even now imagine
Life without this new being
Hopes and dreams
I have so many
Time flies by
Those first steps
That first tooth
First day of school
I miss her so much
Dance School Classes
Then on to Gymnastics
She's an amazing artist
Playing the Sax
I can't believe
That she's so good
Now she's a teen
But who is this person
That I thought I knew
In with the wrong crowd
Running away
Hoping she'll change
But time goes on
I don't know her at all
A life filled with lies
Deception and drugs
The children she has
Are taken away
She has no reality
In her Meth addicted world
Where is that baby
I held in my arms
Still in my heart
Hidden away
Among my hopes
And shattered dreams

Copyright October 4, 2007


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  2. What a heatbreaking poem, Barb! I can only imagine the experiences that result in such prose! Can I hope it is just fiction???

  3. Lisa, No it's not fiction. It's what I've gone thru with my oldest daughter and am still going thru.