Saturday, October 20, 2007

Memories of Josephine and William

Josephine and William
Rockport, Massachusetts
Josephine and William were my grandparents and for all the years that they were in my life they lived in the small town of Rockport Massachusetts. They lived in a little white house with red shutters, a house that was surrounded by beautiful flowers. William (Bill) built that house by himself out of an old barn and along with Josephine raised 6 children there. Grandpa Bill had an amazing green thumb. He had a large garden where he grew all sorts of vegetables including enormous sweet tasting tomates. I remember many a time when they came to our house with a large box of garden veggies and boy did they taste good. Besides the veggie garden there were lots of raspberries. Grandma made lots of raspberry jam from those sweet berries and it was the best jam I've ever tasted. Aside from Grandpa's love of gardening he was a volunteer fireman when he was not as his job on the fishing docks unloading the boats of their catch. Grandma was a crafty person like I am and always sewing or knitting. I remember one time when she made me a blue dress with white trim and she said she made it sky blue to match my eyes. Another time she took one of my dolls and one of my younger sisters home with her and made them adorable outfits. She sewed them dresses and knitted them sweaters. I have such wonderful memories of baking cookies with my Grandma or going for walks downtown where she would buy me a coloring book and a chocolate bar. She would tell me stories of her life during those times. Those weekends that I spent with my grandparents were the best part of my childhood. Times that will live on forever in my heart. I miss you Grandma and Grandpa.

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