Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pictures and Mindless Chatter

This looking out the front and back door
The Outdoor Cat
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Neverending Cleaning! I did a lot of cleaning yesterday. I just started with the living room area because it was starting to get too cluttery (is that a word?) looking. Clutter drives me crazy. Miracles of all miracles I even dusted! I hate dusting and there should be some sort of a law against it. I'd rather do some time in the slammer than dust, seriously. ;) I'd rather get a root canal than dust. not really. I took most of the books off the floor to ceiling bookshelf and dusted and rearranged them and found a yucky spiderweb behind them. Ick. I cleaned out all the corners and then figured I might as well do the kitchen so I started on that too. Today I will do one of the bathrooms. My second worst chore after dusting is cleaning toilets.

I was planning on sewing my fisherman blanket together that I finally finished all the panels on and what do you know? I can't find my yarn needle. I had it the other day and put it away so I would not lose it. (Shush Russell, you lose way more stuff than me). I'm gonna look again today otherwise I'll just use another needle. I just want that blanket to be done already and start working on my Christmas stuff. By the way I started it before I moved here which was over 3 years ago. Bad me. My son is going to make a macrame necklace kit I found yesterday and give it to either his sister or neice. That should be fun.

It's cold here in the mornings now which I don't mind as long as I don't get out of bed. It was only in the 30's yesterday morning and in the low 40's this morning. It sill warms up into the 70's in the afternoon though so it's not too bad. I'm wrapped up in a blanket right now but that's ok cause I'd rather have it cold than hot.
Y'all have a peaceful day.


  1. I hat to dust too! And I did some of that hated chore yesterday...too! I use a "miracle" cloth that my MIL gave me back in her days of QVC addiction. You get it wet, wring it out very well and use it on everything including glass. Works great!

    Now my bedroom furniture looks shorter since I removed the thick padding layer!

  2. Well since I don't like being short, do you think if I grow a layer of dust I'll be taller? Inquirng minds want to know. Barb