Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Stuff

Monday...why do some people dislike Mondays so much? I think we should be thankful for every day that we are alive. I love Monday, it is a fresh start for the week like a new beginning.

Genealogy Research....the weirdest thing happened. Some years back I was totally into doing family research. I went to Boston and got birth certificates and other records, went to Rockport and Gloucester to the libraries and city halls and found out all I could about my family. I got stuck and could not go any further. Well anyhow, yesterday in my list of favorites on AOL I saw a name that I do not remember putting there and I clicked on it. It did not turn out to be a family member but it did lead me to other sites where I found a bunch of info! How crazy. It was like I was led to find it (when I'd given up) and now I've got some more info to add to my book. :)

My friend George....George and I are friends from way back and we met online. Since moving here 3 years ago we don't keep in touch as much as we did, just an email here and there or a chance meeting online but last night I got a very uplifting letter from him. Even though we don't communicate much it's very nice knowing that he's there and I know he feels the same way. It's nice having such a good friend, one who I can tell anything to and knows me so well. Be happy George and I hope things start looking up and thank you for being the very special person that you are. :)
Something very neat....I wrote to a woman who has a website because I was happy with her products and I asked her if I could put an icon to her site on my blog. She was happy to give me the HTML for it and a bit later she told me she made a page for Blogs that put her link on there and mine is the first one on there. Anyhow I highly recommend her products and will do an article about it in the future.
Have A Blessed Day

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