Monday, October 1, 2007

*Pet* Peeve

Yes, pun intended. Why do people shell out $$$ for a dog and then let it roam the streets only to have it get hit by a car or picked up by animal control and end up in shelter or euthanized? maybe they don't let it roam free. Maybe they leave it tied up on a chain all day leaving it outside day and night. I believe that people should not be allowed to have dogs unless they have a fenced in yard or...they take it out and keep an eye on it and take it for walks if it does not get out to run. Last week while on my walk a guy in a pickup hit a dog and after asking me if it was my dog and I answered no, he drove on. I hit a dog myself a few years back since I was coming home from work in the dark and it was sleeping in the middle of the road. I've heard of other dogs getting hit on this street as well. I do not like being barked at/ and or approached by strange dogs while walking. Then there is the dog rescue down the end of our road. There are probably 100 dogs in there. The dogs come charging at the fence which is in pitiful shape, when I walk by. The last two times I have walked by there have been two dogs who got out. I believe that dog that got hit escaped from there. Now I give those people credit for taking in dogs people don't want but I think they got more than they can handle. I hear them yelling at the dogs every morning so I believe they are overwhelmed. As much as I don't want to, it may be time to complain to the pitiful excuse that we call Animal Control in York, SC. Well all this amounts to is this......People, take care of your pets. Don't get them because they are a *cute* little puppy. That little puppy grows up. Realize that if you get that pet for a kid, you will end up paying the bills for it and doing the majority of the work to take care of it. WAKE UP! Get your pet spayed and don't let it roam the neighborhood and end up dead.

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