Thursday, November 1, 2007

Craftin Again!

I finished my fisherman blanket today
Another view of the fisherman blanket Some of the unfinished Christmas stuff I found
I did one of the kits today, it's 30 beaded icicles and my son did a couple of them too
Russell's son in his Navy ROTC uniform...snazzy huh?


  1. Congrats on finishing the blanket!! Yeah! It is so beautiful. Now wrap yourself in it and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee on the porch, watching the leaves fall.

    And I am *so brave of you* (family saying) for digging out the Christmas crafts and working on them. Don't ask where mine are, though.

  2. hey I found some more stuff....I found a turkey that you sew and stuff and you sit it on a table I guess....and then I also have some unfinished ceramic ornaments but I don't know if the paint is till good so those may have to wait till another year!