Friday, November 2, 2007

It's a beautiful sunny day here in South Carolina. It's so breezy that when I look out the front door I see brown, crisp leaves blowing in the wind reminding me that soon the trees will be bare and winter will set in. I'm loving this cooler weather as yesterday it was very warm.

My son is home sick today with a headache and a stomachache. He started feeling ill last night after eating some Halloween candy. He said he did not want any more of the candy and told me to throw the rest away. I'm thinking he just ate something that did not agree with him.

Today I'm in a crafty mood! It is very satisfying to finish up my uncompleted projects and I feel like I'm making some progress. I have not decided yet what I'm going to work on today but it will be one of the Christmas things. I've been trying to think of something that I can make that I can sell on Ebay. I need to look around on there and see what type of handcrafted items sell well on there. It has to be something that does not take numerous hours because when figuring in the time it takes...because they need to be counted also when figuring out how much to charge. Whatever I do decide on, it has to be something I really enjoy.

On my mind today....All the food recalls. This is getting ridiculous. Along with all the lead filled toys from China....this makes me want to live a much simpler life. Growing organic food that I know is safe, having laying hens to produce eggs and ones for eating, having goats for milk, buying clothes made of cotton and not synthetic fabrics as well as simplifying the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays...The commercialism is getting out of control. Every year we are expected to do more than the year before. Decorate more and buy more....just do more to outdo the year before. I don't fall for this trap. I'd like to start new traditions and forget all the rest of the crap. Forget the rushing, forget the stress and forget the materialism. Just enjoying the spirit of the holiday and leave the rest behind.

Peace and Love

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