Saturday, November 3, 2007

Back In Time

Going thru some old pattern books yesterday I found a book that was my Grandma Josephines from 1962. I can't for the life of me figure out why my 12 yr old son does not want me to knit this lovely boys suit for him...what a fashion statement he could make. ;) He just doesn't have any fashion sense...

In the 80's I made a made a whole doll house (Barbie doll size) full of plastic canvas furniture. It was really fun to make and all you needed was plastic canvas, yarn and a needle. I'm thinking of making some more of it after I complete all my other projects. I'm hoping they still sell the plastic canvas, I'm pretty sure they do.


  1. Maybe you son just wants to live to see another day!! You could make him the outfit, then send him to school with a peanut butter and relish sandwich in his lunchbox. Just make sure you tell him you always loved him before you kiss him goodbye. :)

  2. Which lunchbox do you think will be better? Captain Kangeroo or Shirley Temple?

  3. Oh I LOVE the plastic canvas books. I wish I had those when I was a kiddo- I was addicted to Barbies. Walmart does sell plastic canvas so your safe. LOL