Saturday, November 3, 2007

Going Green

What does that mean to me? To me it means living in a way where we tread lightly on the earth. Preserving the Earth for our children. There are many ways as individuals that we can do a few small things that all add up in the long run and together we can make an impact on our future.
One of the biggest problems is trash. We really don't think much about it when we throw our trash away in our kitchen garbage can. Out of sight, out of mind right? What if.....everyone made a few small attempts to lessen this burden on our landfills? What if...people used cloth diapers (even some of the time)SWEET CHEEKS Cloth Baby Diapers, Nursery Linens & Cloth Menstrual Pads or woman used cloth feminine products instead of disposable?Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads by SWEET CHEEKS New Moon Pads Just think what a difference it would make in the environment. Just these two products make up a large portion of what goes into our landfills every day. I've not looked into the statistics of it but then again I don't really need to. Every ones knows what a problem it is. What if people switched to using mostly reusable containers for leftovers instead of plastic bags, aluminum foil and plastic wrap? What if people bought food in large portions and divide into smaller ones and then freeze in reusable containers? What if people reused their plastic shopping bags? I shop at Aldi and reuse mine until they are no longer reusable. What if people actually stopped to think before they toss that cigarette butt or soda can out the car window? What if people started cooking more from scratch instead of giving their family highly processed foods therefore throwing away less packaging? What if people switched from using aerosol hairspray and other products to the pump bottles and created less pollution? What if people combined their errands and made fewer trips to save gas and help with our quality of air? What if people actually walked to the store instead of taking a car? (if you don't live miles away like me) What if every person on this earth did a couple of these things every day? Would it make a difference? I truly believe it would. There are so many more things than these few that we can do each and every day to make the Earth a cleaner, GREENER safer place to live. I know for myself that I do some of these things but could do better. We all can.
Happy Saturday

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