Sunday, November 4, 2007

Whatever happened to...

That woman who only read romance know the type...the sappy, heaving bosoms, burning loins type of books, the ones where the heroine always got her man? The submissive woman, the strong willed man...well you get the idea. Honestly for a long time that is the only type of book that I'd be interested in reading. Mindless books that do not make you think. One is like all the rest and you forget what it was about within the week.

Then not knowing how or why my interests changed. I was then interested in reading books about spirituality and religion. It was not unusual for me to be reading about Buddhism or a wonderful book about the Dali Lama. The next day I could be reading the Gnostic Gospels. Or a book by my favorite inspiational author Wayne Dyer. You'd find me with books written by Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz, Sylvia Browne, or Paul Ferrini and loving them all.

Now I've added to my interests the classic books. The greatest stories of all time written by the most wonderful authors. A few years back I bought a set of books in NM that were in the little library book shop. In there were books that were no longer needed at the library or ones that people donated . I paid $5 for a 24 volume set of books....books such as The Works of Poe, Tennyson, Shakespeare, Longfellow, Kipling, Dickison and so many more. (these were donated books and had no library markings) These books were printed between the 1920's -1930's and what a treasure they are. I think these books are worth a bit more than $5. ;) Last night I was reading Poe and for awhile I was wrapped up in his crazy world, his brilliant mind...this man who was not appreciated while he was alive and lived a poverty stricken life. I do admire about him that he never gave up, he kept writing to the end. I am looking forward to reading all of these books.
I believe that I've come such a long way....

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