Monday, November 26, 2007

I Don't Get It....

I've been following the story on the morning news about some mothers trying to get concert tickets to see Hannah Montana. From what I understand they have to stand there holding on to a car and can't take their hand off of it. They get a 15 minute break every 3 hours. They are outside. Whoever lasts the longest gets 4 tickets. Two of the women lasted 3 days. They decided to each take 2 tickets and call it a tie. I think it had a good ending but really? I wouldn't stand out in the cold for 3 days to take my daughter to see a silly teenage girl who I do not even think sings that great. I watched a few minutes of her show one day and was not impressed. I just don't know what parents are thinking when they go to such lengths to get something their child wants. Call me a mean Mom but I just would not do it. I don't get the Black Friday thing way would I get up at 4 am to go shopping in a manic crowd with all the pushing and shoving and downright meanness. As I said I don't get it....

Case Solved

All weekend I had been smelling something nasty. It was over by a chair where the young man with the very stinky feet sits. So first I sprinkle some carpet fresh stuff all around the area and hope for the best. The smell comes back. It starts to bug me more. Then I see a pair of ROTC shoes and yup they smell badly so I spray them with room deodorizer and holding them very far away from me, I put them in another room. Well...the smell is still there. Finally I look behind the chair and discover the source of the offending odor. It's a pair of filthy, balled up socks. I get the clothespin for my nose ;) and put on my gardening gloves (yes, really) and stuff them into a plastic Ziploc bag. Even after that it took about an hour for that smell to go away. I even had to burn incense. There is a new rule in the house. Barb does not wash socks that smell like cow manure.


  1. Hey Barb!!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you found me!!!

    I LOVE that I'm not the only mean mom that doesn't approve of Hannah Montana & the other teen-geared Disney shows. My daughter used to love watching That's So Raven, till I actually sat down & watched it with her. I pointed out that at 9 years old (though she's 10 now) she really didn't need to be watching a show in which a 20+ year old actress pretends to be a 13 year old girl, in a show that is "supposed to be" for the pre-teen crowd. There's a BIG difference between a 10 year old and a 13 or 14 year old, and NEITHER crowd should really be aspiring to the activities of the 21 year old actress. While Hannah Montana is a little better, you still see pretty, prancing little teeny-boppers more concerned with dating & shopping than they are in using their brains, doing such activities as excelling at sports, and keeping their rooms clean & helping Mom & Dad out around the house. NOT to mention that these characters frequently get into trouble only to have the consequences brushed off by mom & dad. NOT good role-model shows for our pre-teens & young teen-agers. But then, with Paris & Britdney & Lindsay as the 20-something "role models" for our older teens, I suppose we shouldn't be suprised. (And heck, I remember looking at the Spice Dolls when _I_ was a teen, 10+ years ago, and thinking that I wouldn't aspire to be one of THEM!)

    Anyway, glad to find somebody who's also not afraid to be a "mean mom" if it means raising her kids right. *grin*

    I DO love the story about the stinky room & the hidden socks. Utterly relating!

  2. I'm just mean enough to stick those socks inside his pillowcase while he is at school...get that pillow good and ripe!

    As for Hannah, OMG! There was/is a huge stink over the availability of tickets for the Memphis show, so the local TV channels have been having contests for tickets during the news broadcasts. I CANNOT wait for this concert to be over with so I don't have to hear about it anymore!

  3. Kati, I totally agree with everything you say in your comment. I never knew that Raven was that old. Jeeze. You seem to be raising your daughter right by not falling for this crap. Good for you.

  4. Lisa....Hmmmm I thought about putting the bagged socks on a dinner plate and serving it for dinner. ;)
    That dang concert is tonight and I'll be glad when I don't have to hear about it anymore.