Sunday, November 25, 2007

Spiritual Sunday
The Connection

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A single flower
A field of grass
A brilliant sunset
A silvery moon
A rushing river
A peaceful creek
A lush green forest
A desert landscape
A laughing baby
A crying maiden
In this universe
All are one
copyright November 25, 2007

Many Lives
Seven years ago, I read a book called Children's Past Lives. Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child: Books: Carol Bowman I've always known that we all live multiple lives even when I didn't believe in much of anything else. One thing that this book said was that when children were very young they could still remember who they were before. It says that the best time to ask a child about it is around age 4-5. Simply ask them....Who were you before you were (insert child's name)? Since I only had one young child at the time I decided to ask my young son Alex. I asked him...Who were you before you were Alex? Without hesitation he proceeded to tell me his name was Brandt and he lived in Texas on a Ranch. He told me about his wife and children. He told me about the home he lived in. He was a photographer. He was in a truck accident where he crashed into something on the side of the road. He injured his legs.
There is something called cell memory. It's when we carry things over from one life to another. My son seems to have carried the pain in his legs from that life into this one.When he was little he had a lot of pain in his legs but the doctor could find nothing wrong with him. The pain is mostly gone now. My that he is older remembers little of what he told me when he was five and his previous life.
Here's another story. One of my son's cousins was at the cemetery with his Gramps. He took his Gramps to a gravestone and told him....this is where I'm buried. From what I heard Gramps was really freaked out.
If you have a young child ask them who they were before and you may be surprised at the answer you get.
Happy Sunday.


  1. That is so interesting! But my children are too old and jaded to ask now, and I don't think it is worth having another baby just to ask the question. Besides, i am mindful of your last post and taking no chances!

  2. Hey, women our age have babies all the time now. I say go for it! I've had a tubal so sorry to say I can't join you. :( But I'll be supportive, I promise.