Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Training of Men

Let's face it. Men take a lot of training. It takes years really. When I say men, I mean boys also since they grow up to be men. (usually) Men can be nasty creatures. They belch and fart in public and don't think anything of it or they blame in on someone else. They leave the toilet seat up. They leave their dirty socks and underwear on the floor.
The other day I found one of my good dish towels in Russell's fishing bag. An expensive one that matches all the other kitchen stuff. Does he really need to use my pretty rose printed dishtowel to wipe off his wormy hands after he has attatched a work to his hook? He used another one of these dish towels to clean out the oven. It was nice of him to clean the oven but couldn't he have used a rag? Or one of his t-shirts? A pair of his good boxers? I wonder how he would feel if I took one of his white tank tops and used it to clean the toilet? Last week I asked him why one of my dishcloths was outside by my van. He said he used two of them to wash his car. Then he stuck them on my windshield cause he was in a hurry to leave? I sometimes wonder what thru the mind of men when they do these odd things. One of the younger men in this house (no names mentioned) has feet that smell so bad that they remind me of horse manure sitting in the 120 degree heat of a hot summer day. Does he care? Nope. I told him to put some baking soda in his shoes and let it set overnight but nope. Maybe he likes the smell and thinks it's manly. I won't be touching those socks with a ten foot pole, believe me. He will be doing all his own sock washing.
This post is all in good fun. I love my man despite his odd habits and take the good with the bad. I still wish this training thing didn't take so long! ;)


  1. ROFLOL! Take so long??? It's a job that will never end! DH is my *third* child, and the only one who is unlikely to grow up (or leave home!)

    I keep telling him, "How can I miss you if you won't go away?"

  2. mean I gotta live with this forever? There is no hope? I'm thinking I need to drink a whole pitcher of pina coladas just so I can get over the shock of this. But I'll have to settle for a wine cooler cause that's all I got. Damn it.

  3. Sorry, girl, there is no hope! Once a boy, always a boy. They may grow older, but thy never mature!