Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random Thoughts

Don't ever make chili in the crock pot and then forget and leave the leftover stuff in there until a week later. It may get a bit nasty. (But still not as bad as the stinky socks) Don't ask me how I know this either. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't ever try out a new recipe from a famous gourmet cook and try it out on family when their tastes are much simpler. Hillbilly simple. ;)
Amazing Weather
What a gorgeous day! It's in the 60's here and it's just sunny and beautiful. It's supposed to be like this up until Monday and it's fine with me, especially after 4 days of on and off rain. I've been hanging out all the laundry and my clothesline is full. It is kind of satisfying to be hanging out clothes in the sunshine while the leaves are fluttering down from the trees and birds are singing in the background. Speaking of leaves, if anyone wants to come help me rake up millions of them, let me know please. I'll make homemade oatmeal cookies if you do.
Since it was just Thanksgiving and we had turkey it made me think of a turkey I cooked years ago. It was summertime and it was not unusual for me to cook a turkey on the gas barbecue grill. Yes it can be done and it's easy. Anyhow it was done and I went to bring it in and did not notice that some of the juice spilled out of the pan just as I was putting it down. The whole thing slid across the table in the juice and didn't stop until it reached the other side and hit the top of the chair. It was so funny and was like it was happening in slow motion. This is just one of many crazy things I've done when it comes to cooking!


  1. Love the chili story... it seems so you!

    I don't have anything quite that bad in my skeleton closet, by a friend from years past found some leftover chicken in her BBQ after an overseas move!

  2. Speaking of moving.....way back when we were moving from MA to NM we had movers come and pack up the entire apartment. They packed everything....and I mean everything. The dirty laundry I was planning to wash before we left and even the garbage in the trash can!!!!

  3. LOL My funniest turkey moment was my SECOND Thanksgiving when my Father-in-law cut into the turkey and discovered that I'd forgotten to take the plastic-wrapped innards OUT before roasting the darn thing. (I never put the stuffing inside the turkey, so un-stuffing the turkey just slipped my mind.)

    I can totally picture the slow-motion sliding turkey you had. Too funny, and glad to hear that the turkey didn't make to to the floor.

  4. Hey Kati, I've done that one before. And I don't stuff my turkey either, I had it go rancid once when I cooked it that way.