Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm A What???
The other day my son and I were riding in the car. Somehow we got on the subjects of teens. He told me he's a preteen. I said.....I thought you were a tweener? (cute term I heard) He said nope, I'm a preteen. Then he said....You're an Elder. Oh really? Well thanks a lot...I guess. I asked him what an elder was. He said it was a person that took care of someone. So I say....So if there is a twenty something year old mother and she has kids she's an elder? He said yup. And I where did you hear this. He said....I just know. Kids are so funny!

My printer continues to drive me crazy. It keeps trying to print stuff that I did not tell it to print. Then I press the button on it that says cancel print. It then tells me I'm out of paper and continues to try to print. I purposely keep the paper out of the printer tray because it would try printing every page I went on. So I shut it off and it goes back on, two more times. I'm thinking this printer is possessed.

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