Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why Blog?

To me, blogging is a way of expressing my opinion, telling a bit about my life and even a good way to keep track of family recipes and all the crafts that I've done. There are quite a few blogs that I enjoy reading. The ones that I seem to enjoy the most are the ones that are about every day life or ones that pertain to my interests such as cooking and crafting.
When reading other blogs I like to hear what other people think and I like honesty as well as a sense of humor. On my blog I do not only post about the good things, because that is not how life is. Life is full of ups and downs. I try not to get too personal (for safety reasons) but I do like the way I can freely say what I'm thinking at that moment. For me it's sort of a day to day diary of my life. I can freely write without being censored (as long as I don't use bad language) and that's what is so great about blogging.
Growing up I wanted to be a writer. I became a Mom at a young age and life was so busy I never had time to do any writing. Since I started this blog I'm now a writer of sorts. Not exactly the way I envisioned but it's still fun. I've even written a few poems and people seem to like them. And....I've learned all sorts of computer related things since I started this blog. It was slow going and I'm still learning. All in all, it's been a pretty rewarding experience.

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