Friday, December 21, 2007

Despite the fact that it's almost Christmas...

I have a couple of rants. First of all I don't want to hear about Britney Spears younger sister being pregnant. I'm tired of hearing about it. This is not newsworthy news. It's crap. I don't think that presidential candidates need to comment on it either. That is beyond ridiculous. I can't even turn on the news without hearing about Britney's sister. I think they should have a news channel with celebrity free news....real news.

Another thing. Our post office sucks!!! Last time I got a package from them they delivered it to some neighbors and put it in an area where nobody could see it. It sat in the rain for 3 days. The mail carrier called me and he was made to go look for it and he did find it. Luckily it was from and it was books and amazing as they are....they wrap all their books individually in plastic. Even if they were ruined, I have no doubt that Amazon would have replaced them. They are a #1 company I've ordered from for years. Ok back to my rant. My son's Dad shipped his Christmas stuff from NM on Monday by priority mail. They said they would be here on Thursday, no later than Friday. Well it's late Friday and they are not coming this late. Many times they don't even come up our driveway to see if anyone is home and try to deliver. Or they leave a note saying nobody was home so I have to go pick it up. There have been times when I have been home when they were just too lazy and didn't want to go up the hill.
There is expensive stuff in the package. Luckily I just found out it's insured.
I'm going to be calling the post office first thing in the morning to see if my package is there. There have been several occasions when there was no note in my mailbox and I had to track down the package at the post office. As I said....Our post office sucks. Big time. Complaining to them does not do any good either. I've done that many times.

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  1. You need some chocolate, STAT!

    I caved and made Chocolate chip cookies last night with dinner. Then I ate 6 of them while watching a movie with the family. No willpower, I tell you!