Saturday, December 22, 2007

I don't read real books?

This morning I was reading a book I got at the library yesterday. My son asked what I was reading. I told him. He said is that a real book? hmmmmm.......I've never really seen him pay much attention to what I've read but I guess he has been. I usually read spiritual type books, religious type books, new age type books etc. This time I was reading a book that was unusual for me as I wanted some light reading. I was reading this book called No Place Like Home by Barbara Samuel. When I told my son I was reading a fiction book he said....You need to read more fantasy books like that so you can get more of an imagination. Well!!!!
If only he knew how vivid my imagination was..... The whole conversation was very enlightening...

When I go to the library to get books I don't really choose's weird but it's kinda like I'm drawn to them....I'm in there and outa there in about 5 minutes and yesterday I came out with 2 Danielle Steele books, 2 Barbara Samuel books, a gardening book (Common Sense Gardening For The South) and a book called Nickled and Dimed. The same thing usually happens when I go to a book store...I usually head straight to the New Age section and I know exactly what book I need to buy at that time. Weird I know but it's been that way for a long time now.

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