Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An exciting day in the life of Barb ;)

I feel like I wasted most of the day. I've been really tired (maybe it's all the exercise) and I fell back asleep this morning after driving my son to school. I didn't wake up until 12:30 so I wasted half the day sleeping. Worst of all I missed Johnny Depp singing on the morning news show! ;) Then I had to rush around doing laundry, hanging it out and picking up and washing dishes that nobody washed last night. I'm still doing laundry. Now it's almost time to go pick up my son and I feel like I got barely anything done. After I pick him up I have to come home and finish the laundry, vacuum and help him straighten up his room. I don't know yet what I'm cooking for dinner. Last night was pot roast so tonight will probably be some type of chicken. All I really feel like doing is sitting down and working on my cross-stitch. ....

Ok I just had an hour long break from writing in which I went to pick up my son and do another load of laundry. Oh yeah, and cleared everything off the kitchen counter to put some bleach spray on it to sanitize it and had to move the microwave to dig out all the crushed up ramen noodles under it....don't ask.... I still don't know what I'm cooking for dinner....probably chicken caccitore with rice. A nice long nap sounds like a good idea about now. But instead I'm going to go finish putting everything back on the counter, get dinner started and then exercise. So much excitement huh? ::::::yawn::::::Hopefully I'll get more done tomorrow.
Have a great evening.

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