Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Real Santa

I must have been a good girl this year because the real Santa sends me cute little cards and songs in email. I know he's the real Santa because he loves what he does, loves kids and does it from the kindness of his heart. And this Santa has a really big heart. Thank You Santa Don for everything that you do.

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  1. LOL What a great pic!!!! Living in NP as we do, we've actually got at least one local guy who's changed his name to Kris Kringle, and who's the spitting image of the real thing. People around here take Christmas VERY seriously, and as we've also got a local gift shop called "Santa Claus' House" (and decorated as such, and a couple of tame reindeer in a corral alongside the store as well), it's not hard to go along with.

    Even our local troopers put on a chase every Christmas Eve, reporting sitings all over Fairbanks & NP of some un-identified flying object that appears to resemble a sleigh, driven by a chubby guy in red & pulled by 8 flying caribou. *grin* Of course, one must have a scanner in order to listen to the "reports" but it's loads of fun.

    My mom used to have us girls convinced that she knew Santa personally and she'd "stop in at his house on her way to work" one morning in early Dec. and pick up some of the gifts he'd put aside for us girls for under the tree, then Christmas eve Night, he'd fill our stockings. Of course I caught on at about 12 years old, but she truly had us going for a while there. And even after we all realized the "truth", we played along because it's so pleasant to just bask in the magic, instead of always trying to be serious & getting too cynical.

    Anyway.... Loving the card. That's a priceless pic.

    Have a Great Day!