Monday, December 24, 2007

Obsessively Compulsive

Alex with his new nintendo ds...he also got a starter kit for it, games, movies, a new bike, basket ball and football

Dinner last night, layered chicken enchilidas
almond biscotti

buckeyes...chocolate peanut butter balls
I made more stuff and the pics did not come out or else I didn't take pics.
Pics were added onto yesterdays post.
That's me. I go from procrastinating to being obsessive. I started cleaning the kitchen yesterday afternoon and I got carried away. I pulled out the stove and fridge and cleaned behind both of those. Cleaned all the burner pans and under the top as well. Scrubbed and bleached the dish drainer, scrubbed the stove vent, washed the spice bottles off, neatened out the cookbooks, took all the appliances off the counter and fridge and scrubbed those, bleached it and cleaned all the appliances.... and so on and so on......One thing led to another. Either I don't feel like doing much of anything or I go into a compulsive cleaning frenzy. Oh yeah I did the bathrooms also. Got some of my baking done and will be done with that by tonight. I decided to cut down on what I'm making as we don't need all that junk. I'm making layered chicken enchiladas for dinner. I'll take some pics later of the goodies and the enchiladas because that's under my recipe section and I need to put it on there too.
Have a peaceful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


  1. The next time you get manic, could you come over to my house and clean the kitchen?? As I was reading your list of things you cleaned, the voice in my head kept speeding up with each chore until... well, I think I need a nap!

    I hope you have a RELAXING Christmas morning and enjoy the day with your family.

    And don't forget about my offer to let you work in my house! I'll provide the Scrubbing Bubbles and snacks!

  2. My wife is in that mood as I write this. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Sure Lisa...if you don't mind my rearranging things. ;) I actually like to organize stuff and you never know where you may find things. About the snacks....I don't think I ever want to eat again. Just call me Miss Piggy. but I did have a pretty relaxing Christmas Day. Hope you had a good one too.

  4. I hope you have a great Christmas too Greg!