Monday, December 10, 2007

What is wrong with this picture???

Something is just not right! We just decorated the tree last night and today is almost 80 degrees. Well it's supposed to be 79 and already feels that warm, if not warmer. The heat did not kick on all weekend and believe me, I did not mind a bit. I'm loving this warm weather but it does not do a thing for getting me in a Christmasy mood. Last night my son and I were out and he wanted to listen to Christmas music in the car. Since someone broke my antenna off ages ago and I can't get any good stations in a brought along the only Christmas cd I have. Bing Crosby! Can you believe I just love old Bing? This new age, rock, alternative loving music girl loves Bing Crosby. Don't tell anyone please. shhhhhhh....
Another thought...I really need some neat Christmas ornaments. All I have is generic stuff. When Russell and I got together a few years ago neither of us had any ornaments that we brought with us. I want to make some but doubt I'll get to it this year. I had tons of other hand crafted stuff that I'd made over the years but I left it all behind. Anyhow that belonged to another life. My new life needs new memories and new Christmas stuff!


  1. Your tree looks pretty, but you're right that it does seem to need something more. I hope you find that special something.

  2. Beats me, I think it looks great. My own tree is up, but I'm just not *feelin' it* as they say. I seem to be having trouble getting into the spirit this year, but promised my girls that I would do better than last year (moving time) when we didn't even put up a tree.

    Last year, DH rented me a construction trash dumpster (my idea) to rid the house of all it's junk prior to moving. It was a great gift! And we filled it up in 3 days!

  3. I think the tree needs some personal touches. But at least this year I put up a tree. This is the first time my son's been here for Christmas in 3 years and it was just me and Russell so I didn't
    Like you Lisa, I'm just not feeling it either. I'm trying though.

  4. You've been Tagged!!!! Come see my blog to find out the details! *grin*