Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today's Thoughts

Today will be the third day of 80 degree (or almost 80) weather. It's so warm here that my son has worn shorts to school all week. That's nothing unusual because he seems to think anything above 60 is shorts weather. The poor bears think it's springtime and some of them have come out of hibernation. I saw on the news a story about a bear reserve type place where the bears came out, they were very lethargic, very slow moving and I think the poor things are just very confused. Some farmers are going to have trouble with their crops. One strawberry farmer said his plants which are supposed to be dormant this time of year are springing to life. That's not good. We are still in a very bad drought here. Some counties have less than 60 days worth of water left. They are having to cut way back on water usage or face paying a huge fine. We are on well water and the only thing I do notice is that the water pressure is not what it used to be. We desperately need some rain and I hope we get it soon.

There's not really anything too exciting going on here today. Same old chores for me, cleaning, laundry, cooking, maybe some dusting (nahhhh forget that one), obsessivly plucking my eyebrows (don't ask) know how it goes. I may try to chase down that pesky fly that somehow got in the house ....whoever heard of flies in December??? Oh yeah and i'll be exercising also, can't forget that one. Well that's all folks. I know, boring post.


  1. I am posting this from my homemade ark, as it is raining cats and dogs (with a goat or two in there for good measure!) I am trying to send you some of my rain, but the envelope keeps breaking.

    Not much happening here either, but I'd take a nap before I'd do housecleaning :)

    Oh, check out my blog and see what I got in the mail made me laugh!

  2. I wish there was a way you could send me some rain! Maybe I'll have to do a raindance. Or better yet, I'll let Russell do it. I could totally see him doing it and it would be a riot!