Thursday, December 13, 2007

Alex age 12, 6th grade

This picture looks better when you look at the real thing. And yes my son has both ears pierced and he's wearing two different earrings. I don't know why. Well anyhow I love this picture....or the real one anyhow. This one did not scan well.

Did You Know?
If your internet phone goes out and you call Roadrunner Cable and you just get a darn recording and you get mad and yell at the recording (I want to talk to a real live person!) the recording will pause and ask you if you'd like to talk to a representative? I thought this was so funny and now I wonder if it will work for other companies as well. I did get the internet and phone fixed and it was probably a problem here due to all the networking of the computers.

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  1. I am a french mum and I like reading your text, most of them are very interesting. I love the one about Britney Spears' sister, and I agree with you!
    I am a school teacher and I try to keep on studying english!
    I have 2 others communs things with you: I have a 11 years old son named Emilien, and he also has both his ears pierced!

    3 weeks ago, we decided to go to the mall to get his left ear pierced, cause he really wanted it for a long time, and some of his school friends wear an earring.
    He choosed a gold stud, and the jeweler asked if he pierced 1 or both ears (as a joke). And my son said: "both, I want both ears pierced!" The jeweler smiled and said that it would not be the fist time he pierce both of a young boy's ears. We decided to pierce both his ears, and he decided to keep both since he his pierced!!! He is so cute with earrings!
    The only problem is that he is the only boy in his school with both ears pierced, and a lot of people say he "wants to play the little girl".
    Is it the same in the US? Or is it commun to pierce both ears of a young boy?
    Your son is also very cute with his earrings. He had just an earring when he was 8, I suppose it is the reason he has 2 different earrings now. Is he going to change his right stud with the same diamond stud he wears in his left ear? Anyway he looks great with this!

    Thanks for reading my text. I would be very happy to read an answear from you!
    by by