Wednesday, January 16, 2008's cold here once again. Our weather has been fluctuating from very warm to freezing. One day you can go out with just a t-shirt and sandals on and a few days later you feel like you're in the Arctic. We are due for some rain tomorrow...icy rain and I'm betting the kids will hope for there to be a school delay. It just may happen.

My son and I went shopping at Target yesterday to get him some new pants. Some of the ones we bought at the beginning of the school year have mysteriously disappeared and he was running low on things to wear. I still need to get him some new shirts and shoes but we did not find anything there. Then my son wanted to go to Starbucks which is inside Target. Evidently his sister in NM got him hooked on Mocha Frappachinos while he was there last summer. He wanted me to taste it and blech! I didn't care for it at all. Oh yeah Target had the most awesome clearance deals...up to 75% off on tons of stuff including clothes. I think a lot of stuff did not sell at Christmas time. I got a $29 bathrobe for only $7.48. It's very warm and comfy too as I'm wearing it right now.

It seems that my Faith has needed a jump start or more likely a kick in the a$$. I have way too many negative thoughts and feelings lately. I'm not motivated to do much of anything. Well for some time I've been meaning to study the book A Course In Miracles. I've had the book for a long while. For some reason I was on the Oprah site and I found the course on there where I can listen to it and for me, listening is a lot easier than reading and it sinks in better. Here's the link for anyone who wants to check it out.Oprah & Friends Radio: Marianne Williamson's Past Shows It really helps that it's read by Marianne Williamson who I very much admire. Another thing that seems to affect me is all the crap that I've been watching on TV. Normally I don't watch much but as of late I find myself watching mindless shows that I couldn't care less about. Now I've been listening to which is radio for the soul and very inspirational. I've been listening to Marianne Williamson on that site also. I love Hay house radio and for awhile could not get it to work but now I've got it working perfectly.

Here's the Course in Miracle book that I've been studying. You do one lesson a day and it takes a year to get through it.

Blessings And Peace


  1. When I was a teenager (about the same time I got pregnant with my kiddo, I think) my mom joined up with a couple of other local folks who were doing to do this course in a year as a group. I think Mom really enjoyed it, if I recall. She and one of the other ladies kept in touch for a few years, till the woman moved to Russia with the Peace Corps.

    Marianne Williamson IS a fantastically inspirational woman. Have you ever read any of Victoria Moran's books?? I've got, and love, her book "Lit from Within". I've also got her book about creating a charmed life. And though I haven't got it, she's got another about creating a home that screws the soul, and a "fitness" book titled "Fit from Within" (it's about so much more than fitness, though. All 4 of her books (she may have more and I just dont' know it) are fabulous. Strongly recommend them. And also Sarah Ban Breathnach's (sp?) "Simple Abundance". (Both "Simple Abundance" and VM's "Fit from Within" are entry-a-day type books as well.)

    Best of luck with the Course in Miracles!!!!

  2. What you need my dear (in addition to starting your course) is to look at gardening seed catalogs! Their whole purpose in life, aside from selling stuff, is make you look forward to the inevitable Spring and the anticipation of things growing *anew.*

    PS. i may have a hint as to why photos disappear from Blogger for time to time. Am trying a test post right now.

  3. Kati, I have not read any of those books. I guess I could check the library for them but our library has little unless I do the interloan thing. Those books look great though. Thanks for mentioning them.

  4. Lisa,
    The gardening catalogs have been ordered but I have not recieved any of them yet. Hopefully I will soon.

    I'll be interesed in why Blogger is making the photos disappear.

  5. Hi there. If you are interested in A Course in Miracles, you might like this site:

    We are going through all 365 lessons of ACIM in a year.