Tuesday, January 15, 2008


For years I collected Blue Willow china. There is a neat story that goes with this china and it is depicted on the dishes. Here's the story.
Blue Willow, The Legend
Once there lived a very wealthy Mandarin who had a beautiful daughter named Hong Shee, who fell in love with her father's secretary, a man named Chang. To keep them apart, the father imprisioned his daughter in the palace. One day she escaped, and the two lovers raced over the bridge to a waiting boat. They managed to elude the Mandarin, reach the boat and sail away. A storm developed, the boat foundered and the couple were lost at sea. It is said that two love birds appeared immediately thereafter- the spirits of Hong Shee and Chang, and live on to this day.

Here are some of my pieces. I have many more...too many to put on here so here are some of my favorites.

I just found a link to this china...the same one I have and found some salt and pepper shakers that I don't have. Here's the link in case anyone is intersted. I love collecting this stuff.
Heritage Mint


  1. What beautiful dishware!! Do you actually use it or is it strictly a collection??? (I can understand either way, so not being critical.)

    Thanks for sharing the tale with us. I've always wondered about the myth behind Blue Willow china. I'd heard that there was a story, but I don't think I've ever heard it before.

  2. I used to use it for holidays, birthdays and stuff. Now I've got it stuffed into the cabients until I can get something to display it in. I would much rather be using it. I don't believe too much in that concept of saving things for a rainy day.