Sunday, January 13, 2008

I've been working on this butterfly cross-stitch but it's been slow doing because my shoulder is hurting again. This type of cross-stitch is on very fine plastic canvas and not cloth like most so that does make it a little more time consuming. I've already completed one of these Reflection kits and I have one more to go after this one. I found out they have a website too and there are some more I may buy.When a man is let loose in the kitchen...
One day last week I had a migraine and Russell had to cook dinner. He cooked hamburgers and used my flat griddle type pan that I only use to make pancakes and french toast. Then he wondered why the grease splattered everywhere.....this is what I woke up to the next morning...enough said...the picture says it all. No complaints though, he did cook.

I finally took down the Christmas tree yesterday. About time huh? My son said he liked the room better with the tree up. But it's been up for close to a month and I think that's enough time.

I took my son to get a haircut last week. His hair was getting so long and when it gets long it gets really curly. It would be fine if he let me take the time to style it for him before school but no, he doesn't even comb it. He would go to school looking like he had a mop on his head. Anyhow I took him to this new place called Sports Clips. I had no idea what kind of place this was but I had a coupon. Turns out that there are big screens playing sports stuff and a screen in front of each cutting station playing some sort of game. It's all decorated in a sports theme also. I think my son liked going to a man type place for his haircut. I could cut his hair myself but I just can't do it as good as the salons. I cut Russells hair (his is easier, just use clippers) and just cut it recently. But oooppppssss......the time before this one I cut it and I was almost done and trimming up the back and made a bald spot. I'm serious I really did that. He said he didn't care and I guess he didn't since he let me cut it again. I guess he's very brave.


  1. Yes very brave!!
    Sports clips sounds very flash!! The things they think off!!
    Love your butterfly cross-stich.

  2. Your stove looks like mine does when Not Quite Grown cooks! She's moving into an apartment at college in May, and I CAN'T wait to hear how much work it is when she finally realizes that you have to wipe the counters down too! Mwahhaahhaa!

  3. LOL Also thinking that the stove-scene looks very familiar (what mine looks like currently, as a matter of fact). I'm also a buzzer-of-hair for the hubby. It's so much cheaper than sending him to the barber every 4 weeks (like clockwork!) for the same job. Glad you found some place your son enjoys getting his hair cut at.

    And what a beautiful cross-stitch project!!!!

  4. I clean up after myself when I cook. This is something that I recently learned how to do, My wife cuts our hair too and I take the same attitude. If it gets messed up, it will always grow out. They want so much for a haircut these days.

  5. You know, since our shoulder hurts and my arm and hip hurt, I think we have a medical necessity to go to a spa for some hot water soaking treatment. Maybe Hot Springs Arkansas? Sit is a bath of hot mineral spring water? Eat chocolate chip cookies ('cause there are no calories when eaten in hot water! You have to eat fast before the chips melt and that burns the calories off!)

    Wadda say?