Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things Are Looking Up

The trip driving here was difficult at times. Emotionally difficult that is....when you have to sit in a van for close to 25 hours it gives you a lot of time to think. You think of things you really don't want to think about, things you just want to put out of your mind. You wish you could have turned back time and done things differently but now it's too late. You wonder to yourself....what if you had done this or not done that...would things be different? Well probably not because things happen just the way they are meant to happen and everything happens for a reason. As they say when one door closes another one opens. I'm looking forward to what will be behind that door. Who knows...this could just possibly be the best move I have ever made and I'm going to try to make the best of it.

I've decided that I'm not going to rush into any relationships at this time. I don't feel ready for one and it is the least of my priorities at this time. I'm going to get to know the grandkids again. Two of my grandkids did not ever remember me when I came back because they were really little when I left NM. Then there is Mercedes. She was born while I was in SC so this was my first time meeting her ever. She is a wild one...much like her mother Kayla when she was a baby. While I was still driving here and I was talking to Kayla on the phone, she told me that Mercedes stuck her head in the toilet...her whole head was wet and her hair was dripping down in a point in the front. I wish I had a picture of that one! Haha....maybe it's payback that her Mom was so wild and now she's got a wild baby.

I'm back in my house in NM and I spent all day today painting my bedroom. Before I left here I had at one time painted it a dark blue and that color seems depressing now. Anyhow I've got one section left to paint and then I'll make some curtains and get all my stuff in there. It will be nice to have someplace where I can go to get away from things. Right now I'm in Kayla's room on her computer. I'm babysitting Mercedes while Kayla went to a rock concert that her bf Jeremy is playing in. Alex is in here with us too and we are all watching Sixteen Candles on tv. I love that silly old movie. Alex is awesome with Mercedes! He watches out for her and plays with her all the time. It is obvious that he just loves her so much. Alex seems to be a lot happier here also. In SC all he did was play Runescape and sit in his room. He has not played it once since he's been here. He has been playing with his nephews and nieces and playing the Guitar Hero game. He thinks he's really cool playing it and tries playing it behind his back or behind his neck. It's a riot and I'll take some pictures as soon as I find my camera.

It took forever to type this cause Mercedes keeps getting up on my lap and she's been calling me Mommy. I keep trying to tell her I'm Grandma but she still calls me Mommy.

This Sunday I'm going to go to church. Not your ordinary Christian church but one that looks at the Bible metaphysically instead of literally. I went to a Unity one in SC for awhile but did not like the minister and it was too far to drive since it was in NC. I'm hoping this one is a better fit for me. I totally agree with all their beliefs so I'm hoping this is the right one. If not there are some others I may check out that sound interesting.

Well that's my update. I'm going to get back to my movie.
Blessings All.

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  1. It really sounds to me like you needed this change. I am so glad you are thinking positive too. that's the spirit, no pun intended. Keep us posted and enjoy your grandkids.