Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It's amazing how fast things can change. One minute you think you have your life planned out, you know what you want and you think you know what direction your life is headed in. We take people for granted too often and think that they will always be there. We make the mistake of not treating them the way we ourselves want to be treated. The message of Jesus is a very simple one. Love Everybody. If it were only that simple. Life often complicates things. We complicate things. We try to analyze life instead of just simply living it. We hold anger in our hearts instead of releasing it to God. There are many ways to do this. One very good way is meditation. I've been doing this a lot lately. It is simply a way to be connected with our inner self and be closer to God. Another thing I've done in the past is called writing letters to the Universe. This is an idea I got from one of my favorite authors, Sylvia Browne. You simply write a letter to whomever your choose, whether it is God, Mother God, does not really matter, it's all one in the same. Then take this letter and burn it (outside in something made of metal) and release it to the Universe. You'd be surprised at how freeing this can be.

I have a lot of changes to make in my own life. It's hard for me to admit this but for a long time I've had trust issues when it comes to men. There are many reasons for this but I won't go into detail. It's also hard for me to admit that many of the problems in my recent relationship were due to my mistrust. There was no basis for this mistrust and that trust was never broken but still, I could not get past it. For me trusting someone means that I must be vulnerable and it's hard for me to just let go and give myself completely to someone. So....look what this mistrust has brought me. A lot of heartache. I believe that this is really the kick in the butt that I needed to take a good long look at myself and let myself trust somebody. If that somebody is willing to give me a chance I really believe I'm ready to do that.

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  1. And that is what is so great about this time in your life. You can work on yourself, and not worry about starting a new relationship. I think everyone who suffered through a breakup needs to spend time with just themselves. Usually, in a relationship, parts of who you are are compromised to fit the relationship. Take the time to put all the pieces of you back together.

    Then allow someone who will love you "just the way you are" to see your self-love and they will too! Just the way you are!