Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Mystery

Who are these kids? I have no idea. They were on my camera even though I deleted all my pics on there yesterday. See below post.
Love Potato? I thought this was funny when I took it out of the bag the other day. How often do you see a heart shaped potato?

A picture that Angel made for me

I just got my camera and took a couple of pictures I wanted to put on here. But...when I went to upload the pictures, there were some very strange pictures that came up. Just yesterday I deleted any pics on my camera so I don't know how these got here. Two of the pictures were from when I first moved to SC and pictures of the place we lived in before I redid the place and put my furniture in there. Another one was of a strange man and I don't know where it was taken or who he is. Another one is of 6 little girls in communion dresses in front of a cake. I did not take this picture or the one of the man and don't know how any of them got on my camera, especially the old ones. It's the craziest thing ever. Weird huh? I always delete my pics on the camera after I upload them so who knows where these came from.

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