Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kid Stuff

It's almost 7:30 am. Alex just left for the bus stop which is just down the road. The bus he rides does not have a ton of kids on it like the one in SC which was way over crowded. In SC he says he never had homework but he sure does here. He tried not doing it one day and guess what? At 7 am before school one of the teachers called and said he did not turn in his Social Studies work. He sure does it all now including all the reading he has to do. I'm happy that this school lets parents know when a child is not doing what they are supposed to do.

I took Mercedes to the park yesterday. What I did not know was that she had never been to the park before. I mean come on...there is this awesome park right down the street and she'd never been to it before? Well anyhow she was afraid of everything at first. I put her in the baby swing and gave her a push and she cried and wanted me to take her out. She was afraid to climb on any of the stuff. But after an hour or so she was like a little pro. Going down the little kids slide, swinging on the swing, sitting on the dinosaurs and chasing the bigger kids around. She had a lot of fun! I forgot my camera but I'll take some pictures next time.

Yesterday Mercedes got into some stuff that goes into the fishtank. Some liquid stuff that is supposed to make the water clear. If you don't keep an eye on her every second, she is into something. Well she had this all over her and it ruined her clothes. We did not know if she drank any so I told Kayla to call poison control. She did and they told her what to watch for and not to let her go to sleep. It turned out she was just fine. Poison control was great and even called back twice to check on her. Then, last night she got into my closet and dug out a bunch of my makeup stuff and opened up some of that stuff! I think we need to put a GPS tracker on her that beeps when she's getting into anything! Kayla was always getting into stuff when she was little so now it's payback time. ;)

I had forgotton it was Valentines day until I just looked at the date. So happy Valentines day everyone!
Blessings to all.


  1. Warm fuzzies from me for a happy VD! No, Barb, not the disease!! (*snort*)

  2. Happy belated valentines day to you. It was a hectic day for me at work. I know too well about the little ones getting into things. My grand daughter likes to eat the cat food and heads right for it in the morning. We have some nice parks close by that I have never been to. I think it is time I went. :)

  3. You have been tagged for the "7 weird things about me" meme. Check my blog and play along!