Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday Morning

Amazing Blogger?
Am I an amazing blogger? I don't think so, I just say what I feel. My friend Lisa passed this on to me. So check out her blog....
Colors Outside The Lines
The Face Of An Angel???

Don't let the innocent look fool you. She is like a tornado leaving a path of crumbs and toys (and anything else that gets in her path) behind her. Last night I found her in the kitchen sucking on a tampon...(not a used one but still). Enough said.


Did I say I wanted snow? I lived thru enough snowstorms and blizzards in my childhood growing up in New England that I'd be happy never to see snow again. It is very pretty but I still don't want snow.

I removed some things from my blog and changed my profile. It was time to change them anyhow. I'm not deleting any pictures in my old posts however. Besides it being too time consuming...that was my life then and this is my life now...so no point in removing them.

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