Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cookin With Mercedes

There's a new cooking show called Cookin With Mercedes. Look at baby cookin! Making brownies! Yum... Stir that batter baby. (Just ignore the reflection of the bowl making the picture blurry)

This sure is fun!
Stir baby stir!
Worn out after a hard day of cooking. Fallin asleep in the office chair. Ok so this last pic was taken a few days ago but it sounded good.


  1. Very sweet! Did she get to lick the spoon?? (I know you not supposed to do that anymore, but it never killed us!)

  2. Yeah, she grabbed a big spoonful of it before I could stop her and shoved in in her mouth. Silly little monster.

  3. OMG...She is so cute..I wish I will have a kid like her...muahhh

  4. Barb, I always cooked with mine at a very young age and they still love cooking even now. That brought back fun memories!